Of the Giant Slayer adventure path

  • Agrit Staginsdar Dwarf_wizardess.jpg
    Female Dwarf; wizard, councilor of Trunau, and owner of a magic shop
  • Barka
    1/2 Orc crewman of the Chelish Devil; saved from drowning by Ud Nibbleaxe when an Alpha River Drake snatched him off the deck and dropped him 30ft into the Kestrel river.
  • Baseil Sabask
    Head banker of the Countinghouse temple of Abadar. Baseil was the perfunctory senior priest of the temple of Abadar. He is a vicious gossip and noted bigot towards 1/2 orcs

Brantos Calderon
Young knight from Lastwall, sworn protector of high priestess Varvatos.

  • Brinya Brinya.png
    Female half-orc; former fiancé of Rodrick Grath
  • Cham Larringfass Cham.png
    Female Halfling owner of the Ramblehouse Inn.
  • Calrianne Blix tumblr_o3fkkh3Bql1uqhshmo1_500.png
    Noble Knight and defender of Castle Firrine. Gave the party an ancient map of Redlake Fort hoping they could find out information about her ancestors and their fate.
  • Cutto Cutto.PNG
    A River Giant the heroes meet, who eventually betrays them
  • Dora
    Halfling serving girl/cook at the Ramble house. Something of a gossip.
  • Droja Droja.png
    former concubine of General Karrguk 1/2 Oracle who helped Umlo with healing when he was forced to fight as a gladiator in the bear pits.
  • Eldia Vesan
    Head priestess of Gorum, Castle Everstand.
  • Fabian Blix Fabian.PNG
    Ancient priest of Iomedae and resident priest of Redlake Fort when it was overrun by orcs two centuries ago. The great,great grandfater of Calrianne Blix.
  • Gashnakh Gashnakh.jpg
    Former crewman and cook aboard the Chelish Devil, most likely a saboteur in league with Melira Deceased
  • Commander Gauntwood
    Commander of Castle Everstand and descendant to original creator of the keep Sergeant Strom Gauntwood. The full title of the younger is Captain Thaum Gauntwood.
  • Ghorza
    1/2 Orc crewman of the Chelish Devil;
  • Grask UldethGrask.PNG
    Lord of Urgir, and Great Chieftain of the empty hand tribe.
  • Grenseldek
    Pitiful leader of the Twisted Heart tribe Deceased
  • Greystone (Lord)
    Commander of castle Firrine
  • Halgra of the Blackened Blades shadow-of-mordor-art.jpg
    Chief defender and councilor of Trunau.
  • Halrex tumblr_o016ij3YLa1uqhshmo1_400.png
    Coxswain of the Chelish Devil:
  • Knights of Ozem
    A military order centered in the city of Vigil in Lastwall. Dedicated to Iomedea, their former commander during her mortal life,
  • Master Hineda
    An elderly female human and former martial arts mentor of Ud Nibbleaxe.
  • Ingrahild Nargymkin Ingrahild-212x300.png
    Crazed Dwarf female found in the Ghostlight marsh. Has a brother named Umlo. Deceased


  • Iwigga A villainous Green Hag who disguised herself as an elderly elf female, to gain the adventurers trust. She later betrayed them but, was slain herself. Deceased
  • Jagrin Grath
    Commander of the Trunau militia mounted patrol and father to Rodrick and Kurst.*
  • Karrguk (General) General_Karrguk.png
    Ruthless crude leader of the Orc faction at Redlake Fort.
  • Katrezra z6NGvg2.png
    A frail old half-orc seer and apparent confidant of Rodrick Grath.
  • Krothu
    1/2 Orc crewman of the Chelish Devil; the only healthy crew member not to get sick after Gashnakh poisoned the evening meal aboard the Chelish Devil.
  • Kurst Grath R1PyFeT.jpg
    Twin brother of Rodrick Garth and a patrol captain of the Trunau militia
  • Leslie Krumpkin
    New head priestess of the Church of Abadar in Trunau. Took over for Baseil Sabask after the 2nd Battle of Bloodmarch Hill. Tutored Leetsa in the ways of Abadar and also confided to Leetsa that although she is human, she was adopted and raised by gnomish parents.
  • Father Lodmor Osther
    council priest of Iomedae, Castle Everstand.
  • Merlina Merlina.png
    Apparent former vengeful lover of Skreed and resident saboteur on the Chelish Devil. Deceased
  • Moreena
    One of the woman Ud Nibbleaxe was caring for in a prenatal manner. She was violently assualted in the attack on Trunau. Ud Nibbleaxe managed to save the child but Moreena died giving birth. (no doubt conjuring memories of his own sister’s passing) Deceased
  • Nargrym Steelhand
    famed giant slayer of centuries past and ancestor to Umlo and Ingrahild Nargrymkin. Deceased
  • Omast Frum tumblr_nq58ovqKtu1uqhshmo1_400.png
    Patrol Sargent of the Trunau militia and self appointed surrogate uncle to Rodrick and Kurst. Deceased
  • Oorug
    1/2 Orc crewman of the Chelish Devil; often makes fun of Torsten Stein’s effete mannerisms. Assigned to rowing often as not.
  • Poppy
    Shy serving girl at the Ramble house. She is fond of Ud Nibbleaxe
  • Raag Bloodtusk tumblr_o016gpVQtE1uqhshmo1_1280.png
    Captain of the Chelish Devil (see items)
  • Ren Dendarvi
    Elderly female 1/2 Tian and leader of the Wizard’s guild in Vigil.
  • Rodrick Grath
    Beloved citizen and former patrol captain of Trunau; please see; Deceased
  • Keyron SaivilleKeyron.jpg
    The Precentor Martial for Scouting in the city of Vigil. A devote worshiper of Gorum
  • Sara Morninghawk Sara.png
    Female 1/2 Orc; owner of Clamor the smith shop and member of Trunau town council.
  • Seraphina
    flirty halfling serving girl. died in the second battle of Bloodmarch Hill. Her body was desecrated via being catapulted back into the besiege city of Trunau.
  • Sharg
    1/2 Orc crewman of the Chelish Devil; brother of Taug
  • Silvermane Elven-Druid.jpg
    Ancient male elf Druid guardian of the Trunau Hope Spring; he is a mute
  • Skreed Gorewillow tumblr_nxyqwgsIiI1uqhshmo1_1280.png
    Leader of the attack on Trunau slain by Heroes Deceased
  • Taug
    1/2 Orc crewman of the Chelish Devil; brother of Sharg
  • Twisted Hearts
    An amalgamated tribe of Orcs, Hill Giants, and Ogres. Ruled by Grenseldek with the ambitious Orc general Karrguk as her second.
  • Umlo Nargrymkin Umlo.png
    Brother to Ingrahild rescued by Elynnar Landrias, Ud Nibbleaxe, from the Redlake Fort’s bear fighting pits. He and his sister are on a quest to discover their ancestor’s tomb ( Nargrym Steelhand). However, has professed loyalty to the party until he can pay off his and his sister’s life debt, to the party.
  • Urathash
    A name scribbled on a scrap of paper requesting more foodstuffs from the Twisted Heart tribe leader. Apparently, there was some type of trade between Urathash’s group and the Twisted Hearts.
  • Urul
    1/2 Orc crewman of the Chelish Devil; usually in charge of fishing
  • Uskara Oylm
    Head smith of Castle Everstand garrison. Also runs a small smithy in Squirestone with her apprentices.
  • Aylunna Varvatos
    2nd sword of Vigil and head priestess of the Cathedral of Sancta Iomedaea in Vigil
  • Tyari Varvatos
    Beautiful young priestess of Iomedae and leader of the Sanctuary in Trunau. Younger sister of Aylunna Varvatos
  • Veena Heliu
    The dynamic, fire-haired Precentor Martial for Magic in Vigil. Veena is a nonconformist half-elf woman, aggressive in both war and her personal affairs
  • Volstus
    An obscure figure that refers to himself as The Storm Tyrant. Apparently, fancies himself a leader of all giant peoples and claims to have gathered an army of giants in a place known as Minderhal’s Valley.
  • Zella-Kyzah
    A brutish Ettin that occupied an abandoned siege tower. It killed Omast and very nearly Kurst Grath. slain by the heroes.


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