House rules

House rules forhouse_rules.jpgGiant Slayer

We will be using the Pathfinder rules and running the Giant Slayer adventure path with slight modifications to both the rules and the adventure path encounters.

The following books will be allowed to use for character creation, spell selection, and item creation. Exceptions to the rules within these books will be stated below.

  1. Core Rule Book
  2. Advanced Player’s guide*
  3. Ultimate Magic
  4. Ultimate combat*
  5. Advanced class guide
  6. Giant Slayers players guide
  7. Giant hunters handbook
  8. Ultimate equipment
  9. Dirty tactics toolbox*
  10. Familiar folio
  11. Melee tactics toolbox
  12. Animal archive
  13. Ultimate campaign*
  14. Pathfinder Unchained*


  • No Summoner or related archetypes
  • No Gunslingers or firearms
  • The following options from Dirty Tactics Toolbox will not be allowed:
    1. Feats
    2. Divine trickery
    3. Equipment tricks
  • Only the traits section will be used from Ultimate Campaign.
  • Only the Monk Rogue and Barbarian classes will be used from Unchained.

Game Play

  • The monk Style strikes and Stunning blow abilities both have DC associated with wisdom therefore must require some concentration to preform. (ie: you can not use these abilities while raging or under the effects of a raging song)
  • Using bluff as a distraction to hide is a standard action and a hero may not use a place he/she has previously hidden without incurring a -20 penalty to hide.
  • 50% of ammo is lost from projectile weapons such as bows, slings, and even shurikens when they miss. However, the following changes will be in effect for recovering ammunition from these weapons:
    • All ammunition that hits it target has a base 20% of being recovered safely
    • For each + 1 magic ammunition has it adds another 10% to it’s recover chances regardless if it hit it’s target or not
      • only numerical modifiers count toward the recover chance: ie. a + 1 keen arrow would not have a 70% chance of recovery if it missed; rather a 60% chance
      • All magic arrows lose their charge or magic when they hit a target (this is a game balance effect)
      • mithral tipped arrows act as a + 1 enhancement for the purpose of recovery (the bonus stacks with any magic enhancement)
      • Adamantine arrows and ammunition act as a + 2 enhancement for the purposes of recovery
    • All recovery of ammunition is left to the GM’s discretion
    • All ammunition has at least, a 10% chance of being destroyed or lost, when fired or thrown

House rules

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