Golarion Calendar

Days of the week, month, & year
7 days in a week, 12 months, and 365 days in a year

  • Moonday (work/religion[night])
  • Toilday (work)
  • Wealday (work)
  • Oathday (work, pacts signed, oaths sworn)
  • Fireday (work)
  • Starday (work)
  • Sunday (rest/religion)
Months of the Year

Golarion Calendar

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Golarion Days in Month season equivalent
Abadius 31 Winter January
Calistril 28 Winter February
Pharast 31 Spring March
Gozran 30 Spring April
Desnus 31 Spring May
Sarenith 30 Summer June
Erastus 31 Summer July
Arodus 31 Summer August
Rova 30 Fall September
Lamashan 31 Fall October
Neth 30 Fall November
Kuthona 31 Winter December