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The Giant Slayer campaign

Is a Pathfinder adventure path designed to take the player characters from 1st level through 17th. The concept of the adventure path is based on the old TSR™,Against the Giants® models, first published in 1981.

The adventure begins

The player characters will begin in the frontier town of Trunau , located in the savage lands of Belkzen. Overrun by orcs and giants Belkzen is, one of the most dangerous nations in all Golarion. The characters have gathered in the commons area of Trunau, to honor the coming of age of one of the towns citizens. It is the year 4715 AR 3rd week of Calistril Sunday.

The beginning characters and their players are:

  • Durmok, a human fighter; played by Sam, a 21yo student; Theater arts major Sam moved away ; Durmok died as a npc
  • Torsten Stein a human Ranger /Skald npc; played by the GM, a 49yo truck driver/ now a student studying computer systems admin
  • Elynnar Landrias an elf arcanist; played by Stretch 50yo retired health worker; originally played by Shane,a 26yo student: Communications major
  • Fijit Glynfang a female gnome druid; played by Rachel, a 27yo Graphic artist. Rachel and Fijit left the game after book 2 Hill Giant’s Pledge
  • Leetsa a female gnome slayer; played by Pat a 50ish Retiree; originally played by, Lizzi, 28yo medical receptionist
  • Ud Nibbleaxe a dwarf monk; played by Seth, a 25yo writer/author
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