Giant Slayer

To our allies in Castle Everstand, Vigil, and Trunau

We have come to witness our worst fears made manifest...

To Halgra of the Blackened Blades, Kurst Grath, defender of Trunau, Leslie Krumpkin, head priestess of the Church of Abadar, Uskara Olm, head smith of Everstand’s garrison, Eldia Vesan, head priestess of Gorum, Keyron Saiville, Precentor Scouting Marshall of Vigil, 2nd Sword Aylunna Varvatos, and all those who would oppose great evil, greetings.

I, Ud Nibbleaxe, undertake the task of penning this letter to you all as great foreboding fills my heart. My companions and I have searched the width and breadth of Minderhall Valley, and have recently found ourselves on the doorstep of our promised foe.

Many giants patrol the great chasms of this valley, but we now see before us a mighty host of them, all gathered at an inlet of the valley that leads westward (the attached map and sketches will, I hope, guide you to the gate we’ve only just breached). Here they have congregated around a fabled cathedral at the will of a horrid, whispered name; Volstus.

There are powerful beings seemingly at this Volstus’s beck and call, as well, including a great brute by the name of Urathash, and a mighty dragon known as Jalvoraz. Together with their giant hordes, they’ve sacked the nearby town of Shinnerman’s Fortune, dragging many villagers away from their home to be eaten, or worse. We’ve freed many, but Jalvoraz has, it seemed, transported many directly to the cathedral. What foul fate awaits them there, we do not know, but we now press deeper into the giants’ putrid land in order to free them, and to be a thorn in Volstus’s side wherever me are able to strike.

Still mourning the death of his sister, who fell in our dangerous quest, Umlo Nargrymkin has parted ways with us, returning to his own people in the Sky Citadel of Janderhoff, that they might be warned as well. We are a mere four in number who press deeper toward the heart of this many-headed beast; the stalwart and deadly Leetsa, the powerful and dangerous Elynnar, the courageous and mighty Torsten, and myself.

My lords, ladies, and champions of deities, I implore you all to assess this threat with due caution, for I do not think it would be possible to overstate the evil that brews in the heart of Minderhall Valley. Examine your defenses, and, in completing that, shore them up with all redundancy. This is not a foe that will stagger before the might of stone walls or iron gates.

And, lastly, I would beg of you all to consider the force you might bring to bear against this army. The town of Shinnerman’s Fortune lies, broken and defeated, at the mouth of the valley, but still would serve as an ideal rallying point for your combined strength to launch a preemptive assault against Volstus and his minions. I hope that my meager words have adequately carried to you the weight of what festers on your doorstep, and that you would act upon the warning with due speed and ferocity.

Yours ever in service,

Ud Nibbleaxe


perfect well executed, send it via the pigeons


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