Giant Slayer

From the Journal of Ud Nibbleaxe, Tomb-seeker

The path is laid out before us; I hope we do not stumble.

With Karrguk slain, we gathered what we could from the spoils of Redlake Fort, rendezvousing with Captain Bloodtusk back at his boat and making our way back along the river. My mood was forlorn, though my companions and kin rejoiced at the victory. I still felt the sting of failing in my path to Apsu.

Still, I agreed with the others that we should spend some time in the great keep of Vigil on our way back, as the servants of Iomedae there deserved to know of the pendant we discovered with the help of Fabian Blix, as did the man’s descendant, Calrianne. So, after informing the girl, we made our way to Vigil, finding a lukewarm welcome there, as we were in the company of orcs. They heard us out there, however, notably marking the news that we had heard of giants congregating in the Minderhall Valley.

Along with Halgra, Chief Defender of Trunau, the priests and warriors of Vigil charged us with seeking out the growing giant horde, so, after spending some time to recuperate (and ensure that I had found my feet on the path of purity once more through a cleansing ritual), we set out once more on behalf of the peoples of this region, making our way deep into the Mindspin Mountains to seek out the giant-killer, Nargrym’s, tomb for aide in our quest, accompanied again by my dwarven kin.

Twice we were attacked on the trail; once by a fearsome, scaly creature Elynnar marked as a Bullette, and once by sickening spider creatures in the trees about us, but both times we bested our foes quickly. I feel, however, that whatever we find within the tomb and beyond will not be so easily overcome.



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