Giant Slayer

From the Journal of Ud Nibbleaxe, the haunted

Is it not enough that we slew him the first time?

Much to my unease, Leetsa questioned the body of the great giant Gristlecrack before we departed, though we were still left without a decent heading. Still, with our combined tracking abilities, we were able to trail our quarry, finding soon that what appeared to be a mighty dragon had carried off the remaining captives.

Even so, we pressed on, attempting to find the most congregated giant tracks, finding that they led us south and west. Spent from the long day, we bedded down for the night…though we would not find true rest at the hands of our fallen enemies.

Just before the break of morning, an awful phantasm bearing the face of Lokmorr, betrayer of Nargrym, whose hand I now bear, laid into us all, his touch appearing to leech the very life essence from both Umlo and Leetsa. We were, at last, able to dissipate his fetid aura, but not before his cold presence had chilled me to the bone.

In our weakened state, we pressed on, managing to lure a massive stone giant into a fatal encounter before we pushed further westward, soon seeing before us a hodgepodge of a wall and gate.

Before we could plan our assault, a pair of brutish tigers laid into our mounts, rending one of Umlo’s mules before we could even react. We fared well in the fight, quickly dropping both great cats, though the giants on the wall had taken notice and begun to launch boulders and javelins at us from afar.

Capitalizing on Elynnar’s debilitating spells, I scaled the wall, squaring off with the giants atop it and quickly ending the fight. No joy filled my heart at the victory, however, for, as I looked along the great valley to the west, I saw many fires of a mighty host; countless giants spreading out as far as the valley could reach, then back along to the north and south where it veered. This had to be their stronghold, where they’d come to gather about the storied giant cathedral.

And where we must go to find those who’d been taken.

After deciding that Umlo should follow his duty to warn his people back at the Sky Citadel, Janderhoff, we rested for the night, bidding farewell to my kin and making back for the gate. A new and stronger guard had been set in place, but, with a well-timed invisibility sphere, we were able to catch them unawares, felling three more giants and a bear to leave the path into the giant stronghold clear once more.

So, firmly affixing our resolves in our chests, we pressed deeper into the giant-swept nightmare land before us. In all likelihood, we march to our ends, but we will not stand for this evil to go on, unchecked. Someone must hold the line against this threat.

And, whether by happenstance or the will of Apsu, we are the ones chosen to face it.



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