Giant Slayer

From the Journal of Ud Nibbleaxe, the fortunate

Is this luck, or are my efforts truly favored?

Shortly after setting out from the settlement on the trail of the marauding giants and their captives, our band encountered an enormous, ghastly cyclops, crashing through the trees after a pair of humans. As events unfolded, I found myself standing alone against the behemoth, its scything ax nearly bisecting me as I stood my ground to stay between the cyclops and those unable to defend themselves.

My companions, thankfully, were able to rush in after and save me from my own headstrong nature, bringing the one-eyed beast crashing down and patching me back together. Directed by the prisoners we rescued, we were also able to slaughter a straggling band of ogres who were about to devour their captives.

That night, as we attempted to rest for the evening, feeling encouraged by our recent successes, I heard what seemed to be the cry of a small girl, though, when I called out to her, she merely repeated her cry. Confused, I called out to the others, just as we were set upon by a pair of beasts Elynnar would later identify as leucrottas. They were vile, cat-like beasts in the light of the fire, eagerly attempting to shred us apart before we slew them.

Come the morning, we continued on our path, finding that we were also able to follow the leucrottas tracks back to their lair, though we were intercepted by a vile ettin, who seemed to be bitter about its rejection from the giant army’s ranks, and its brutish bear. We attacked swiftly, with Elynnar freezing the ettin in place, and we were able to make short work of them, pressing on to the leucrotta lair.

Inside, we found a mighty crossbow, along with other vomited treasure, preparing to set out once more…only to be set upon by a vicious rift drake. It swooped down on my companions again and again, finally spurring me to use my meager magics and take to the skies after it. Though I was able to combat it well, it spun about, shredding into me. I fell to the earth, near death, only to wake and find that my companions had slain the beast and rushed in to restore me, once again. I am ever humbled by their courage, and strive to be worthy of their friendship.

We bedded down in the leucrotta lair, set upon by what Elynnar identified as a barghest early that night. Umlo and I were able to drop the creature, and we set out the next morning.

Still a few hours behind the next band of giants, we sneaked up the last bit to where a blazing fire was in place that afternoon, spotting a pair of lookout trolls in trees. We attempted to remove them silently, but were overheard, another bear, more trolls, and the largest giant I’d seen yet thundering out of the trees toward us. The great giant could only have been Gristlecrack, the leader of the band that had attacked the settlement, Shinnerman’s Fortune. A fierce battle ensued, one that nearly claimed the life of my kinsman, Umlo, but, as Gristlecrack surged eagerly forward near the end, I seized my opportunity, channeling all I’ve learned of Giants and their weaknesses into a blinding flurry of fist and foot anywhere I was able to reach. When I retreated a step, prepared for Gristlecrack’s retaliation, I saw only that she swayed on her feet, her eyes rolling up in her head as she plummeted down to the ground with a mighty sound of thunder atop the one remaining troll. I sent a final blow into her temple as she lay there, and the ancient giant went forever still as I fought to catch my breath, basking in the glory of what we’d just accomplished and the potent evil that had been excised from the world.

With Umlo back on his feet, all that remains is to press on to the valley and to uncover the dark heart of the giant army’s plans, though it seems Leetsa may have other ideas before we depart…



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