Giant Slayer

From the Journal of Ud Nibbleaxe, Guardian of Children

The people of this land have endured so much...

Following the death of Ingrahild at the tooth and claw of Sermapholith, the vile white dragon, Umlo and I returned to the tomb of Nargrym Steelhand, laying the remains of my poor cousin’s sister to rest near the sarcophagus of Nargrym himself. Though Umlo still grieves, and will for some time, he can at least rest in the certainty that he has done his fallen sister a great honor.

When we rejoined the others, who’d held a ceremony for Leetsa’s fallen comrade, Thorsten informed me that he’d released Stilgrit into the wild. I listened to his reasoning, even admiring them, to a point, but I do not know if this is a rift that will easily heal between us. He claims to defer to my judgment, even when I feel I don’t deserve it, then countermands it the second my back is turned. The trust lost there is not easily regained.

Joining the caravan of Abadar, we continued our journey, some time later hearing cries for help along a narrow ravine. We rushed in to help, arriving just in time to see a human woman felled by a great boulder. Enraged, I scaled a nearby drop-off, catching the giant culprits in a narrow passage and using the tight quarters to my advantage. Soon, both lay dead at my fee, one with Leetsa’s arrows in its back.

The woman was dead when we went to her, so we tracked the giants’ steps back to where they met hers, finding a hideous troll attempting to devour a small, abandoned child inside. We slew her quickly, with Leetsa burning it with a grenade as I fled with the child, and we found the remains of the child’s father, as well.

From there, Leetsa and I carried the child onward to the nearby town, finding it ransacked by a giant horde the day earlier. As fortune would have it, the child’s surviving grandmother met us, thanking us for, at least, saving Elsie, her granddaughter, and urging us to recover the townsfolk captured in the raid.

The next morning, we set out to do so, encountering an enormous cyclops in the forest nearby. Though I was able to dodge the awful blasts from its eye, its monstrous axe was nearly the death of me before Umlo smashed in its knee and smashed its horrible eye to a pulp.

Delving further, we encountered a band of ogres who were about to banquet on the townsfolk they’d taken. We set up a clever ambush, making quick work of the brutes and setting the townspeople free.

More, however, remain to be rescued, and I worry about what all these dark tides mean for what we will find in Minderhall Valley. Whispers of a giant cathedral have caused my dreams to take darker turns even that usual…



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