Uratash's note

Uratash's note to Grenseldek


A note from Uratash to Grenseldek demanding payment…


I have sent two sets of magic armor for your bodyguards in this shipment. With the weapons I’ve already supplied your troop for that ill planed raid on Trunau and the magic armor I have provided you, I’m owed at least 3 times as much foodstuff as your puny group has already provided me! According to our agreement you owe me 2 acceptable consorts or 3 tons of fresh foodstuff for every magic weapon or armor I supply or 50 mundane weapons or armor.
The fire Giant’s shipments from the south have slowed to me. Therefore, I can no longer trade with you until you make
good on your end of our bargain. You will stop sending us rotten cabbages and spoiled melons (what you ignorantly call good eats plants). If you don’t have any fresh meat to provide (like the offering you sent after your raid on Trunau), then I am owed 3 good conscripts!
Send them immediately or their will be consequences (that means trouble if your too ignorant to understand)


Uratash's note

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