Agrimmosh "hammer of un-making"

An ancient relic of Giant God Minderhal


+2 hammer of impact , with sizing capabilities, can cast Heightened Enlarge Person, on wielder once a day for 20 min, also on a confirmed critical hit cast reduce person (DC23) on opponent.


The stone giants of the Mindspin Mountains believe that the giant god Minderhal used his hammer Agrimmosh to forge the first giant. This creation was imperfect, however, so he crafted another and granted it life, creating the first stone giant. Pleased with what he had now wrought, Minderhal pulverized his first creation with a final blow of the Hammer of Unmaking, and its pieces became all of the other races of giants that came to populate the world. Was found in Uskroth’s tomb.

Agrimmosh "hammer of un-making"

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