Giant Slayer

leetsa's journal

As we journey into the ice cave at the top of this mountain, our bones chilled to the insides, many of us are thinking can we really kill a dragon? A foul beast, that with the swift pulse of a breath can freeze a person to death. And yet we move on, our minds faced with the possibility of instant death. All I can think about is recovering my friend & the blessed papers he was carrying & returning them both back to safety. My trusty foe, ever present in the face of danger and always, always there to fight beside me, Ud his frozen fingers blue to the eye still trudges on.

As we searched the cavern only to find ice & snow we made it back to the end of the cave. There we discovered a floor of glass ice. As some of us investigated it, the white beast burst forth attacking me viciously and with intent on total inhalation of us all. I went down feeling the warm blood oozing from several parts of my body. Still unable to move I watched in horror as the party was attacked several times, the cold breath of the beast & its claws making mockery of our feeble attempts to kill it.

Then Elynnar blasted it & then was overcome by its attacks. Could this be the end of our crusade to rid the worlds of giants? But true to the test Ud, his new hand & weapon struck true & the beast went down for good. But as I was healed & others too were attended I discovered that Umlo’s sister hand been torn apart by the white dragon.

When we were able to again move around we entered the vault below that the fallen dragon had opened up in its dying fall. There to my horror was my friend, half eaten half frozen. Buy we found the papers & several other valuables along with some scales from the beast. But as we make our way down the mountain, I contemplate the cost of these trinkets. We lost a great fighter & friend, almost lost 2 others including myself. Dragons shall always be part of my nightmares, but perhaps when all the foul giants are gone from this world, dragons shall be my next target with Abadars guidance. Anything to keep the bleaching from taking over my soul. Onward we go.



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