Giant Slayer

From the Journal of Ud Nibbleaxe, trap expert

The art of trapping seems to elude me...

It’s been an interesting day of traps thus far. Following our visit with the half-orc enchantress, Droja, we made contact through her with Karrguk, leader of the orcs in the exterior of the fort. He was less than receptive to our offer of joining forces, despite the deception we took care to sow that Grenzeldek was plotting against him. Still, thanks to Thorsten’s fancy talking, we secured a passage into the fort through the back of Karrguk’s tent, even persuading him to allow us to take Droja, his concubine, along.

Once inside, we took quite a beating from the traps in the first passage, but Leetsa’s skills emerged victorious in the end, and the two of us set about trying to find a clear path toward our first goal; the chapel that housed the imprisoned spirit of Fabian Blix. We found none. Giants lay everywhere in the fort: along the battlements; squabbling in the courtyard over an unfortunate orc; patrolling the apparent sleeping quarters…

At last deciding that there was nothing for it but to make some noise, we attempted to lure a pair of the brutes toward a section of crumbling floor on the second level that would, we hoped, drop them to a room on the first story where we would have them lethally surrounded. The plan, however, went awry, and our trap was left unsprung as the giants sniffed out our intentions at the last second, stopping short and declaring that they would go and sound the alarm.

At this, Thorsten bravely, and foolishly, charged forward, bludgeoning one of them so mightily with his magic hammer that the beast shrank to nearly human-size and taunting it forward to spring the trap after all. That one was quickly bludgeoned still by Ingrahild’s brother, Umlo, and his mighty skillet, while Leetsa, Elynnar, and Ingrahild peppered the other giant with magic and arrows from below. As the remaining giant made to flee, Thorsten, Elynnar, and I intercepted, dropping it before it could make good its escape and betray our position.

Still, the encounter was far from silent, and I have no illusions that no other enemies are prepared for our push deeper into the fort. And…I find this Droja woman unnerving to my very soul. I find myself flinching from her supposed healing hand, nearly gagging on the stench of death that pervades her being. Can it truly be Apsu’s will that we ally ourselves with harbingers of darkness such as she?

These thoughts and more trouble my mind as we seek to conclude our mission. Somewhere in this fortress, Grenzeldek awaits…


it’s been a long time since I awarded a hero point for a journal entry. Perhaps this will inspire the other players to submit journals semi-regularly.

1 Hero point to UD!

great journal entry!!!


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