Giant Slayer

From the Journal of Ud Nibbleaxe, strong of belly

A stew most foul...

Another troubling development in our voyage. The very night we departed from Castle Evertsand, we were presented with a finely cooked meal from the ship’s chef, Gashnakh. Soon after consuming it, however, myself and the entire crew began swooning with the effects of a strong sedative, many of us falling unconscious. Myself, Leetsa, and Torsten managing to stay upright, we brought our Elynnar back to consciousness as we questioned Gashnakh, who had a guilty look about him.

It was then, however, that we heard a clamor below decks, rushing there to find a great, ape-like beast on the loose, battering the ship from within. Together, we managed to drop the beast (destined for the gladiatorial pits, if Krothu, the only crewmember not to fall unconscious, is to be believed), only to become convinced through questioning Gashnakh that he had not worked alone.

Heading down to the bilges, we happened upon the woman of whom he’d spoken, the one who’d contracted him to sedate the rest of us on her behalf. She was a brutal warrior, and, though we tried to take her alive, she was killed in the ensuing battle…as nearly was I, if not for the courage and quick action of my companions. My skin is still tender from the woman’s, Melira’s, arrows. I went to bed last night feeling much like I’d tussled with an oversized porcupine. Still, with meditation and time, my wounds will heal. I only hope that, in our weakened state, we are ready for whatever else awaits us on this dark voyage.



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