Giant Slayer

Leetsa's thots

After checking that evil queen giant as she claims, I am glad she’s dead. She who caused all this just for love??What about my love for my parents…. As I pull out the deadly arrow I unleashed at her neck, its strike truer’ than many in the past, I think of my parents killed by these beast, and wonder where & when it shall end for me. But I know, the revenge not quite satisfied, there is a much better price for my folks’ death than a giant queen. Her a giant queen,,, ha. Yet I must go on, shuddering I think of my beautiful hair turning gray.. I must…
The presence of something pulls all of us to it; I can sense the magic all around us. I look over at my ragged warriors & am assured nothing can stop us & so I must go one, arrow knocked in Vemcin Sventar will it be a true strike again, there are more for all of us…..



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