Giant Slayer

From the Journal of Ud Nibbleaxe, vow-breaker

I can only hope my good deeds speak louder than my failings

We fell in on the beasts who stood outside the chanting chamber, finding ourselves in a pitched battle that extended into our destination room and the massive brutes inside. Seeing a giant mage past the two that charged us, I slipped inside to keep the monster’s magic at bay, thankfully keeping it distracted long enough for my brave comrades to slay the others and join me in finishing the fight.

Within, we found the bones of the traitor we sought, then retreating back to the room of treasure to determine how we might take these riches home. As we debated, however, Karrguk called out for us to surrender. We declined, our answer delivered in fist and steel as we burst out of the chamber and fell in on the remaining orcs from Karrguk’s attack on the fortress. After a timely spell from Thorsten, Karrguk retreated his feeble mind unable to stand up to our skald’s power, and we slaughtered the remaining orcs, Leetsa and myself even sneaking around the perimeter to execute another who stood ready to snipe us from above.

The immediate threat taken care of, we made our way back to the chapel, appeasing Fabian’s spirit by destroying his enemy’s bones. As his soul departed, Fabian spoke of a talisman of his goddess nearby, which we recovered, setting out to the chamber across the courtyard where we believed to have heard the noise of a retreated Karrguk.

We were wrong. Arriving there, I was set upon by a vile thing as I attempted to pierce the dark with my dwarven eyes, and, unthinking I…I struck out at the enemy with my fists, finding that the light of Apsu had abandoned me for the breaking of my vow of cleanliness. My spirit nearly shattered, I barely managed to drop the undead giant hand that had attacked me with the help of my friends, slinking off alone in my melancholy state to end Karrguk and his remaining orcs.

Spotting them, I made my way around the outer courtyard to catch them unaware, hearing the bold gnome, Leetsa call out a challenge to Karrguk from below. When I reached the tower where I had seen the orcs, I found only two remaining, quickly dropping one with my bloodied fists and hurling the other off the top of the tower. Then, peering down below, I saw that Karrguk had engaged with the others, Elynnar landing what would have been a mortal blow on a lesser orc, and Leetsa ready to cleave the brute from behind.

My anger overcoming me, I leapt from the highest point of the tower, screaming Karrguk’s name in a moment of vengeance. His people and their filth…they have no place in this world, if there is ever to be peace. So, as Karrguk looked up to bare his teeth at me, I landed a blow to face, snapping it aside to sever his spine with a mighty crack.

The monster felled, I glared down at his body, knowing that even this great feat in the name of Apsu, who gives me strength, was not enough to wash away the stench of what I had done. Though it had been to protect my comrades, I had betrayed a vow to both myself and my lord. Not even the vision I was gifted, feeling Apsu’s flames of vindication surround me, could undo such a wrong.



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