Giant Slayer

From the Journal of Ud Nibbleaxe, lilypad hopper

And the plants get bigger...

Following our fight with the bramble fiends, we pressed on into the next room, a great, domed atrium, only to be attacked by a pair of invisible light creatures. We eventually managed to drop them, but the encounter held great promise of danger had we not formed up so quickly on the great bridge that led deeper into the vault.

Reaching the far door, we discovered an ancient elven woman who claimed familiarity with the Vault of Thorns in centuries past. Agreeing that the evil here must be expunged, she accompanied us into the next chamber.

A series of floating lilypads awaited us, leading to a ledge on the far side of a chasm, and, without thinking, I nimbly hopped to the other side, only to find that I had awakened a vengeful guardian of the place. A great swarm of insects surged up from the swampy water far below, and a single large entity rose up, swooping down at us to attack, eventually taking up poor FIjit in its jaws. Just as it was about to devour her and her owl, we managed to slay it, retrieving them and a fallen Torsten as we regrouped to treat our wounds.

Agreeing that we should approach with more caution, we followed a passage down to the base of the chamber with the bridge, easing inside and keeping alert for any danger. While many small, friendly creatures approached us with benevolent intent, we were set upon once again before we were able to reach the far side of the atrium. A giant, tendriled beast laid into us, with Torsten and myself bearing the brunt of the attack to keep the others out of reach of the lashing, deadly vines. Flame and blade at last overtook the thing, the creature succumbing to its wounds like a toppling tree, and we ascended a staircase out of the atrium unhindered.

No sooner did we reach the door at the top of the stairs, however, than Fijit quickly warned us of sleep-inducing, carnivorous plants, leaving herself and Elynnar to carefully harvest them while the rest of us remained ready to pull them back from danger. Though not the most severe threat we’ve faced, it did nothing to quell my unease in this strange land of magic and chaos…



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