Giant Slayer

A glorious battle!

Grenseldek's defeat

I will write this quickly because I fear we most be moving quickly. Besides, this place unnerves me! There is an ancient evil about this place that I do not understand. It almost overtook me. It….it felt like overwhelming grief or guilt would consume me for a moment. As I look around I can see that the siblings Umlo and Ingrahild may have been overcome by it already. They are tentative in their movements while they search the room and Ingrahild seems to be holding back tears.

Leetsa and Elynnar are busy plundering the corpse of Grenseldek! Yes we have defeated her! The battle was fierce as she had two direwolf pets guarding her. Yet we finished the hounds quickly and surrounded her. Both Umlo and Ud were badly wounded in the exchange but, our greater numbers and superior tactics prevailed. Ud, hero as ever; stood at her front. He spun wildly, with the defense only a master marshal artist could summon. Yet even so, one of Grenseldeks wicked axes almost took his lower jaw off. If not for his quick reflexes, Ud would have only half of his face instead of, the nasty gash that graces his right cheek and jaw. Once again Ud’s bravery allowed the rest of the party to position themselves to, overcome our enormous adversary.

It was Leetsa’s arrow that finally took down the pitiful foe. Elynnar’s magic played no small part either! However, I get the feeling the battle was tilted in our favor because of, our adversaries state of mind. She fought desperately but carelessly. As if she had nothing to loose. Maybe the pain of being rejected by this so called Storm Tyrant pushed her sanity over a teetering cliff. Our maybe it was something more. I can still feel it….the presence of loss and regret. An ancient presence… evil presence…we must leave here soon and seek our answers elsewhere.

Torstern Stein



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